i make words and photographs and drawings and small text-interface experiences

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thank you for your interest in paying me for my work!

liberapay is primarily a way for me to support projects that influence or contribute to my work, either directly or indirectly.

payments i receive here will initially go towards paying it forward. if the funding i receive exceeds my payments to other projects, the remainder will go towards expanding my public-facing projects and offsetting my own costs for the work i produce.

funding goals

  • $0.70/week is my starting goal; this funds my daily writing at a rate of 10ยข per post done!
  • $2/week will fully fund my current pool for supporting other projects/creators who are part of my infrastructure done!
  • $7/week will fund my daily writing at a rate of $1 per post; this covers all my hosting costs (including my non-writing sites), which lets me stay platform-independent
  • $15/week will support costs for zine printing and distribution; i'm working on producing a monthly zine through 2018

current projects

other work

other funding venues

if you are not a liberapay user or this system doesn't appeal to you, but you still want to support my work, check out my funding page, which includes options for subscribing to recurring content and physical artifacts.

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a silly bloglike




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