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Hello there!

My passion is to enable Free, Secure, and Safe communications and connections between people and groups of people. I'm contributing lots of my time to Free Software projects:

I'm a developer of GNUnet, a distributed network and a GNU project. For GNUnet I work continuously on documentation, packaging (GNU Guix, Gentoo,...) system integration (infotropique OS,...), the build system, low level application support (I'm the maintainer of gnURL), and more. I am contributing to many projects beyond GNUnet, like for example GNU Guix, and I'm working on the first design for infotropique OS.

Occasionally I write about my work on my web log,

The work I do takes a lot of time and energy. Mostly time, as many of my projects are either open-ended or taking a very long time to finish. Financial support through donations is more rare than it should be in Free Software, so if you support me I will feel happy - even (and especially!) about 1 USD donations. What matters is that you express your support. If you need some more hard facts for why I'm asking for donations, here are some examples:

  • At least once a year I need to buy a new harddrive or replace some parts of machines I work with. As a student I don't have a high monetary safety net. Your support ensures that I will be able to continue to work. Think of it as an investment in results you get otherwise without payment.

  • I run a git repository server, offering all my work outside of Guix. I have to pay monthly bills for it.

  • My experimental substitutes and offloading server is falling apart. It would be really good if I could invest money in a decent server, be it hosted at home (electricity bill, bad upload speed) or in a data center (high bandwidth, high specs, high costs).

  • For further experimentation and support of more platforms with infotropique OS - once we are getting there - I will need to invest in various types of hardware.

  • Almost all my computers broke down last year, so I had to invest 500€ in a new one.

you will soon be able to hire me for specific jobs (you already can, I just need to write a detailed page about it), outside of Patreon.

Thank you so very much for supporting me. I will feed Streuner (the cat living with us) an extra delicious treat in your honor!

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