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I'm ng0. I am passionate about Politics and Free Software. I thrive to make secure communication, general computer applications and cryptography accessible and understandable for all people.

With this in mind, I am contributing to various GNU projects as well as Free/Libre Software projects:

Since late 2015 I am a regular contributor in the team that works on GNU Guix and GuixSD.
My work on Guix is...

  • ...driven by my longterm development of integration into GNUnet,
  • as well as making Free Software easier available to the world at large.

I am one of the developers behind GNUnet. To try and summarize some of my curent projects in GNUnet:

  • I am cleaning up below visible layers (ie: rewriting and extending the test suite with a focus on easy extensions),
  • In general I fix up python code (bindings, tools) within the greater GNUnet project,
  • I maintain the Guile bindings for GNUnet,
  • I have put countless hours into the ongoing project of rewriting the documentation since early 2017 (with the long-term goal to make it as easy as possible to understand and read),
  • I am researching Onion Routing for GNUnet as a long-term implementation design,
  • I maintain the fork of cURL GNUnet needs to function,
  • and much more
    • in general working towards making the whole project easier to understand,
      easier to work with, and improving the public services (website, bibliography, etc)

Together with dvn I founded the infotropique collective in late 2016 - early 2017, a collective with a very broad scope and vision of access and usage of a new generation internet (GNUnet) and other software solutions. Its focus is larger than I'd be comfortable writing down here, so we've started working on a design paper.

Beyond these main projects I contribute occasionally to various other projects that you might already be using (for example surfraw or getmail).

Hosted Services

I run:

and more things to be listed.

Why am I asking for donations?

The work I put out there will always be free of charge, as is the nature of Libre Software. Free of charge however doesn't mean that its creation process is free. I face the same misfortunate value-for-work situation as fine artists. As a society we haven't agreed on the value (in other words: monetary compensation) of the work of Free Software hackers. In some countries work is happening towards Universal Basic Income, but as it is right now a big part of the work in Free Software (including my own) is done by unpaid volunteers.

My main occupation is studying (B.Sc. (Computer Science)). I have started old enough (just recently) to no longer get benefits like reduced health insurance fees.
I have just enough money to get through the month (I get a minimal state grant for my apprenticeship), but that's it.
Your financial support, no matter what you could afford, means that I get compensation for the free time I spend hacking on the solutions you can use now and in the future. I highly appreciate your support!

Vocal support is good and encouraging, finacial support helps me to go on in the long-term.




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