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Wouldn't it be nice if developing libre games were free? I sure think so. But unfortunately, money is necessary both in life and in game development. Currently, most libre game development is done voluntarily, meaning that people doing it have to treat it more as a hobby than as a job. Quality often suffers as a result.

Please help me make a difference. By supporting this page, you are essentially paying me a wage to work on the libre games I work on. For every €20 I get, I always make sure to do at least 1 hour of work on my libre game development activities. I also make a point to listen to what you, the backers, want to see get done, so please be sure to tell me what you think by shooting me an email!

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Note: Work on Milestone 1 of Hexoshi has its own source of funding, and therefore is not funded by donations to this page.

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