Donation based openvz server hosting

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Every single donator is able to get a free vps with specs based on their donation amount.

(RAM=200MB*donation amount, e.g. 5€ would be 1000MB

CPU=1 @<5€

CPU=2 @>6€

BW= 50GB*donation amount, e.g. 5€ would be 250GB

HDD=8GB*donation amount, e.g. 5€ would be 40GB)

After your donation, you'll need to message us on telegram (@ovznode) and we will send you your vps details.

Keep in mind that the hosting business is pretty hard nowadays and IPs are very expensive, therefore any donation <1€ will be a NAT based vps with 10 ports each.

What isn't allowed:

DDoS isn't allowed.

Any content illegal in Germany, France or the US is not allowed.

DMCA must be followed.

Any cardsharing applications in any mode/usage (for example OSCam, CCCam, MultiCS, etc.) and any other similar software

Software that constantly uses 50% of CPU (over 1 hour)

Network scans aren't allowed.

No botnets.

No relays.

No *coin mining/folding@home.

No fake shop clones.

No tor exit nodes

Camfrog/etc is banned.

Spam is prohibited.

Nulled/cracked software isn't allowed.

Adult content is allowed - but if it features minors it is not allowed

We will happily answer all your questions on telegram: https://t.co/ovznode


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