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Une fois pour toot ! A Mastodon instance in Brussels

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Une fois pour TOOT !

petites singularités ASBL runs a Mastodon instance for like-minded people in Brussels and elsewhere. On ps.s10y.eu, we speak English, French, and Dutch.

This Liberpay account aims to cover the expenses for providing this service (and eventually others) to the community. Operational costs current estimate reaches €150 €80/year.

P.S.: works with free software and grassroots activists across disciplines, ranging from agro-ecology to cartography, libre aesthetics & ethics, (self-)organization & policy.

Petit Mammouth

Resistance & Engagement

Life is under threat on our planet, which might be of universal significance. As reductionist thought has taken over the planet and thrives propagating its hubris, complex life is at risk. We won't defend it by sitting in front of our computers, but we can use the Internet to coordinate our actions of resistance to the Global Disorder of Power (GDP). This is what Petites Singularités is doing: using the Internet to discover, explore, and bring together alternatives to the extractivist hubris and thirst for exhaustion. We're alive and want to meet you in person to amplify our actions.

“We've got to fight the government, fight the oligarchy, fight capitalism, be internationalist and fight the empire because it's the best hope to enrich hundreds of millions of lives, and build towards a truly equitable future.” — Abby Martin

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