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PS: I would like to thank everyone for their donations! Your donations are very much appreciated.

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osmscout-server 41 Updated 1 week ago

Maps server providing tiles, geocoder, and router

osmscout-server-route 1 Updated 3 weeks ago

OSM Scout Server Module: Route

mapbox-gl-qml 13 Updated 1 month ago

Unofficial Mapbox GL Native bindings for Qt QML

mapbox-gl-importer 0 Updated 2 months ago

Import scripts for Mapbox GL tiles

systemdatascope 4 Updated 3 months ago

SystemDataScope is a GUI for visualization of collectd datasets

mapbox-gl-styles 0 Updated 3 months ago

Collection of Mapbox GL styles

mapbox-gl-fonts 0 Updated 4 months ago

Conversion of fonts into Mapbox GL supported glyphs

mapbox-demo-sfos 0 Updated 4 months ago

Unofficial demo application for Sailfish using Mapbox GL Native QML bindings

pkg-gcc 0 Updated 7 months ago

RPM packaging of GCC for Sailfish

mapnik-styles-sqlite 3 Updated 9 months ago

Mapnik Styles for use with SQLite

osmscout-server-fonts 0 Updated 9 months ago

OSM Scout Server Module: Fonts

geocoder-nlp 7 Updated 9 months ago

Geocoder library based on libpostal normalization of libosmscout generated database

presage (fork) 0 Updated 3 weeks ago

Fork of Presage (http://presage.sourceforge.net/)

sailfishos-presage-predictor (fork) 0 Updated 1 month ago

Presage based input predictor for the Sailfish OS


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