Scott Nesbitt

Just an ordinary guy writing about free/open source software and productivity for the average person

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I write about free and open source software and using plain text. Why? To make both open source and plain text more interesting and appealing to everyone, not just those with technical skills. Yes, that includes those of us with 10 thumbs when it comes to anything techie.

My work appears with shocking regularity at The Plain Text Project, The Monday Kickoff, Open Source Musings and at other fine establishments on the web. Most of that work is done for free, which I don't mind. Why? It's my way of giving back.

Any support you can offer will go a long way to paying for the web services I use, for domain renewals, and to support projects on Liberapay (and beyond). I don't expect to get enough support to be able to give up my day job, but that's not the goal.



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