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Streaming video on the fediverse

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Twitch, YouTube, Facebook - live video streaming is universally dominated by siloed platforms. I'm building digital infrastructure, called Keyframe, that allows anyone to host a video streaming server, streamers to pick the server that works for them, and viewers to find, watch and interact with streamers wherever they are.

Integrating into the Fediverse through ActivityPub and XMPP, both streamers and viewers gain control over their experience, and can interact with each other in increasingly rich ways - through the creation of an integrated, always-on community channel, streamers can share video clips, keep viewers updated and chat with them even when offline. Streamers can seek income in innovative ways rather than being restricted by the platform they choose.

The infrastructure I'm creating is free software, contributing to a commons that surpasses what closed, centralised platforms are able to create. Anyone can use, modify and redistribute the software, creating bespoke servers for their own communities.

What will my donation go towards?

Living expenses while I work full-time on the software, and support people in setting up servers for their own communities.


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