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I work on a distributed mesh networking project called irdest, which makes it easier to link wireless devices together on the fly, without needing to trust centralised infrastructure, like phone networks or application servers.

From 2019 to 2020 I was working on irdest as a funded by the Open Tech Fund as a research project. Unfortunately in the summer of 2020 the Trump administration removed funding to the OTF, cutting off my income.

I am very passionate about my work on irdest and would like to be able to continue doing it. I think irdest has the potential to empower people to take control over the way they communicate with each other, from breaking their dependence on exploitative infrastructure monopolies, to coordinating against oppressive governments.

Please help me by donating through GitHub Sponsors (or Liberapay if you prefer a free software alternative). I am in the process of looking into alternative grant funding, however this will take several months to arrange at a minimum. irdest is important to me and I'm living off savings at the moment to continue my work on it. So any donation, no matter the amount, is really helpful.

The new irdest architecture also isn't just a single app either, but provides a general framework for building mesh networking applications. If I start getting more money through donations, I would like to spend some time improving docs for these components, and create other resources like video tutorials and live coding streams.

To learn more about irdest, please watch my keynote at Colorado GoldRust.

If you're interested in a more technical outline of the project, you can check the developer manual.


I started working with Rust in 2017, and have been an active member of the community since then. I'm part of the command line working group, and community team, and contribute to various projects, hoping to improve developer and user ergonomics.

Some of the crates I work on are:

  • cargo-workspace2 — a CLI and library to manage cargo workspaces (like publishing with intra-workspace dependencies, etc)
  • barrel — a builder for SQL migrations, in production use by various companies
  • alexandria — a fully encrypted and identity concealing database, written as part of irdest
  • traduki — a lightweight translation management framework for Rust applications
  • various other crates as part of the CLI working group


I sometimes help maintain NixOS things, ranging from packages to small modules, and I have a personal NixOS fork (of sorts) which tracks nixpkgs and adds custom modules, which is called libkookie.

I also spent the last year on the RFC Steering Committee.

Keeping up with my work

If you want to keep up with my work, check out my blog. If you can deal with my horrible puns, I also have a twitter :)

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