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Who am I?

My name is Mae, I am a 25 y/o black enby femme artist [they/them] in southern VA. I like to do art, watch tons of MST3k, play a lot of LoveLive! School Idol Festival and drink a lot of tea. I'll probably be talking about either one or all of them on mastodon and/or twitter.

What Do I do?

I mostly do NSFW stuff with a bit of SFW here and there. I don't draw a lot but when I do, I do my best to make my stuff as high quality and freely available as possible. I also write sometimes here and there when I have the energy and time to. I DO NOT place my work behind a paywall and I'm in the works of offering you to download my past works at the fullest quality on a Pay-What-You-Want scale.

Why Contribute?

Donations & my Patreon are my ONLY sources of 'income' at the moment. I've been pretty much job hunting when I have the spoons and currently I have gotten anything back or even an interview.

Currently I've taken over paying for the internet and it is $60.51/mo. I pretty much use it to keep up with folks, job hunt, and pretty much everything else; also I have to buy food for myself.

Where to find my Art


(I have tumblr links but I'm the works of reworking them atm)

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