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Hello! You can call me Red (aka @sveltecult, not in anyway affilated with Svelte or its brand). I'm the developer of Franken UI (https://www.franken-ui.dev), the HTML-first, react-free port of shadcn/ui. And, I might need your help with funding.

Originally begun as an experiment and now became a serious open source project. There are already lots of components ported that you can use (and more coming). I work on this project during my free time and with your help, I could commit even more hours to its development.

What Problem Am I Solving?

shadcn/ui offers beautifully designed components, but it is React-first. However, not everyone is comfortable using or wants to use React. Franken UI addresses this by leveraging existing solutions like UIkit for JavaScript and accessibility, instead of making a new one from scratch. This allows us to avoid dealing with React or other ports from Vue or Svelte.

Who's Franken UI is for?

Franken UI is designed for a wide range of developers, including:

  • UIkit 3 developers: As Franken UI is based on UIkit 3, developers familiar with this framework will find it particularly beneficial. The comprehensive documentation, already adapted for Franken UI, makes it easy to copy and paste components and customize them as needed. You can use UIkit 3 without needing to delve deeply into it, although familiarity is a significant advantage.
  • HTMX enthusiasts: For those who enjoy working with HTMX, Franken UI provides a compatible and seamless experience.
  • Backend Developers: Franken UI is well-suited for backend developers who want to create dynamic user interfaces without needing to dive into frontend JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, or Svelte.
  • Small teams or solo developers: It's perfect for small teams or individual developers who are looking for a beautiful, easy-to-use UI solution.
  • Developers who don't know or don't want to use React, Vue, or Svelte: Lastly, Franken UI is ideal for developers who either do not know these popular frontend frameworks or simply prefer not to use them.

What's in it for you:

Together, we can benefit from the beauty of shadcn/ui components without the complexity of react (or its port), harnessing the power of UIkit 3 JavaScript, Tailwind CSS, and its toolkits. This will allow developers to build amazing apps beautifully, efficiently, and very quickly.

What your donation will support:

Reverse engineering takes a lot of time. And with your funding, there's still much to be done:

  • Continuous Documentation Improvement: Enhancing and expanding documentation to ensure clarity and ease of use.
  • More components: Developing more components to broaden the range of options available to developers.
  • Building "Blocks": Creating common page templates like Authentication pages, admin dashboards, etc., for easy integration into projects.
  • Project Maintenance: Ensuring the project remains up-to-date and compatible with evolving technologies.
  • Educational Content: Producing tutorials and screencasts for greater adoption and understanding of Franken UI.

Thank you for considering supporting Franken UI. Your contribution will not only accelerate the development process but also ensure the continuous improvement and expansion of this project. Together, we can build something truly remarkable for the developer community. If you’re interested in contributing or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best regards, Red (aka @sveltecult)

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