⁂ 海水仙 hai shuixian, human being

i'm a creator, writer, artist, activist, MH advocate, & a disabled mentally ill nonbinary qtpoc.

sx's goal is to receive $1,000.00 per week.


i'm 🌊 海水仙 hai shuixian. my pronouns are they/them/theirs.

i'm a creator, writer, artist, activist, poet, photographer, & mental health advocate.

i am sick & disabled • mentally ill • trans • nonbinary • diasporic 上海 shanghainese chinese • queer • anticapitalist • anti-imperialism • anti-colonialism • pro-Black • pro-Indigenous • pro-Indigenous sovereignty • pro-decolonisation • decolonising • trying to learn • trying to grow • trying to humble myself.

(that's a lot of adjectives, i know.)

i fight for marginalised trans & queer Black people, Indigenous people, and people of colour, especially mentally ill & disabled QTBIPOC.

i struggle with severe PTSD that has left me unable to work for most of my life. my mental illnesses and disabilities have also made it very hard for me to write/create/photograph for a long time. unfortunately, the violence i have experienced, and my subsequent mental illnesses, have prevented me from doing or creating anything consistently for several years now.

i invite you to support me, not because of what i do or create or write or make, but because i deserve housing, food, and a safe, healthy, and peaceful life.*

*along with everyone else in the world

thank you so much for your support! ❣️

wear a fucking mask, wash your hands, stand 10 feet away from everyone in person (i'm serious), abolish the police/ICE/military, trans Black femmes' and women's lives matter, trans Black lives matter, queer Black lives matter, each and every Black life matters.

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if you're curious what i'm up to when i do have the capacity to work on stuff...

i manage, edit, and write articles for ANTIHEROINE.co 📰, an independent radical magazine by & for QTBIPOC created to destroy capitalism and ableist white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy✨ 🔪 support us here! 🔪

i speak things. and scream. i wouldn't call it slam or spoken word, but i do perform.

i have a f*c*book page that i never use, because fb won't let me change my display name 3 years after i changed my name. the url is facebook.com/ifckinghatemarkzuckerberg.

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if you'd like to help out extra, or one-time: $ cash app me / make one-shot donations here✨ (click here to get $10 if you don't already have a cash app account)

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[ this profile is under construction. ]


trigger warning: abuse, suicide






i am a survivor of multiple suicide attempts.

i am a survivor of violence and abuse.

i am a survivor of the violent, prison-like psychiatric/medical-industrial complex.

i have been homeless/houseless/housing unstable, & broke, multiple times.

my experiences, (of course not just limited to the shitty stuff,) inform my life, my values, my writing, my art, my work, and my activism.

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