Bartek Jasicki

I'm creating various Open Source programs.

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Hello, my name is Bartek Jasicki, and I'm creating various Open Source programs.

At this moment, I'm focused on these projects:

  • Steam Sky - Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme: single player, text, and turn based game. You are a commander of a flying ship, as leader you will be traveling across floating bases, engaging in combat, trading goods etc. The game is more strategy based than tactical like most of roguelikes. There is no mandatory ending to this game, you may freely play until your character die. I'm working on this project since 2016. Currently, this is my main Open Source project.
  • Nish - Experimental command line shell. I created it to test some features which I wish to see in a command shell. It provides local and global commands' aliases, advanced commands history system and many more options in the future. Generally, the shell aims to replace advanced shells like fish or zsh.
  • Nimalyzer - A static code analyzer for Nim programming language. It allows checking a Nim source code against predefined rules. Its design is inspired by AdaControl. Nimalyzer can be used to enforce some design patterns or ensure that some language constructs are present in a code, or not.

Also, on www.laeran.pl you can find more of my Open Source work. Maybe something will be useful too for you. :)

Why I'm here:

I'm daydreaming that someday I will be able to quit my job and work as a full time Open Source developer. :) But for this I need a help. A lot of help, from many people.

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Mirror of a roguelike in sky with a steampunk setting

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Mirror of a command line shell


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