Call Me King

Call Me King is a Post-Hardcore band based in Austin, TX.

wearecmk's goal is to receive $1,450.00 per week.


When Call Me King emerged onto the Central Texas music scene in 2015, it was with a sense of serious dedication and experience. Founding member, vocalist, and lyricist Joel Gauthier had been in many bands before, and he knew what it takes to make a band successful, avoiding the pitfalls that many emerging and inexperienced bands usually fall prey to. Within a year, the band had proven that by amassing over 10,000 followers across various social media platforms, and smartly decided to back that popularity up by releasing ...And the Snow Will Turn to Ash in October of 2016, produced by Craig Owens (Chiodos, D.R.U.G.S., and more).

But where most bands would burnout, Call Me King kept making moves. Immediately after the album was released, they began a series of DIY tours across the US, including a midwest tour with post-hardcore legends Emery. In late 2017, the band continued their momentum by releasing the music video for their song “Sycamore Lane” exclusively through Alternative Press. In August of 2018, the band released their sophomore album The Writer and the Written (produced at Glass Arrow Studios) and continued their touring efforts. As the band moves into 2019, you can expect more music, more tours, and bigger and better things.

Our goal of $1450 per week reflects federal minimum wage in the United States for five people working 40 hours per week each. We hope to make more, but the goal is to help alleviate some of our costs associated with both the band and life in general to help us focus on dedicating more time to our music.

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