Developer of free SW (Coincer – P2P cryptocurrency exchange; WrapSix – NAT64), HW (DIY printer), …

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I’m a free software/hardware enthusiast and developer and cryptocurrency researcher. I strongly believe in the need to have decentralised and secure tools. We depend too much on few big parties/services, we are being spied on, we are victims of their incompetence when they get cracked.


Among the projects I work on are:

  • Coincer – a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (no servers, no third parties – only users hold their money, yet can trade safely, without needing to trust anyone).
  • WrapSix – a high-performance NAT64 gateway (a handy tool to create IPv6 networks that can still access the old IPv4 Internet).
  • Free Inkjet Printer (DIY) – a project heavily in progress. I miss a DIY project of a 2D printer. I don’t like planned obsolescence of available proprietary printers, no available documentation for them and their policy of trying to prevent users from using the inks the users want.
  • Blockchain minification – an effort to devise ways to make blockchains smaller, yet retain all their functionality. I’m on a good track.
  • Free dictionaries – I maintain a free English-Czech dictionary and prepare an Estonian-Czech one.

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