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yageek.github.io 0 Updated 9 months ago

Source of my personal blog

lambert-java 17 Updated 2 years ago

:earth_africa: Java library converting Lambert Coordinates to WGS84

iostrust 21 Updated 3 years ago

:closed_lock_with_key: Add certificates in the trust store of the ios simulators pre-XCode7

iSpoiler 1 Updated 3 years ago

:camera: macOS 10.6 Geocaching spoiler downloader tool

TPGWatch 6 Updated 4 years ago

:watch: :bus: Open source iOS Watch App for Geneva TPG API

TPGSwift 4 Updated 4 years ago

:bus: TPG OpenData Swift Library

StrasbourgPark 0 Updated 5 years ago

:parking: Get status of Strasbourg's parking

cmake-xcodebuild 2 Updated 5 years ago

A CMake toolchain file helping to build fat-binary for apple platforms.

lambert 4 Updated 6 years ago

:earth_africa: C library to convert Lambert coordinates to WGS84 with IGN Algorithms

LazyBug 0 Updated 6 years ago

:bug: Easily create ticket from your iOS app

objc20-gestion-memoire 0 Updated 9 years ago

Présentation sur la gestion de la mémoire en Objective-C 2.0


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