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I am a sustainability consultant at PraxEco community.

PraxEco is an open-source collaborative value network that provides its members with the resources - financial and human-skills - to fund and support innovative ideas that have positive outcomes on the future of our societies. Network members are seen as mentors in their unique field of expertise. They are given the chance to foster their expertise, follow their interests, and have access to otherexperts in the multi-diverse network. Furthermore, members with own projects that follow our values could receive funding from the community. The profit resulting from the success of sponsored projects is distributed among the community members and its bank in an ethical Activity-based concept. The goal of this collaboration is to achieve a level of diversity - in form of participants’ qualifications, skills, talents, background, and interests - for the community to self-sustain with an abundance of resources. The result is a modern harmonic culture.

Interested in knowing more about our network? For more information about our philosophy, our services, our team, or any other inquiries, please visit our website at: www.praxeco.com

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