I love writing open-source tools. I wonder if they could they make me some cash... 🤔

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I write code when I'm bored. I'm currently working on a few projects, including Keyspace, Wristkey, Octopii and AntiSquat.

My programming journey started by writing code to solve problems that users on the internet have. Sponsoring me keeps this tradition alive.

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Awesome-PII-discovery-dorklist Stars 1 Updated 3 months ago

List of dorks to use with Google Search to find leaking PII

Wristkey Stars 154 Updated 4 months ago

A free and open-source 2FA app for smartwatches.

classy-watch-pack Stars 9 Updated 1 year ago

Classy watchfaces for Wear OS 3.0 devices.

GetPerms Stars 12 Updated 2 years ago

An Android wrapper library to quickly get app permissions and other package data.

openTransmit Stars 14 Updated 3 years ago

Locally access your computer from iOS' Files App.

Octopii (fork) Stars 0 Updated 8 months ago

An AI-powered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) scanner.

ThinkPad-E14-fingerprint (fork) Stars 38 Updated 1 year ago

Reverse engineering of Validity/Synaptics 06cb:00da for Linux


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