How is Liberapay funded?
Liberapay is funded on Liberapay.
Who can use Liberapay?
In theory, anyone who has a bank account. In practice, payments may not work depending on where you live. Please contact us if you encounter any problems.
Can I make a one-time donation?
Liberapay is designed for long-term stable funding and only supports recurring gifts.
What are the differences between Liberapay and other recurrent crowdfunding platforms like Patreon?
  1. Liberapay is only for donations, meaning that transactions must not be linked to a contract nor a promise of recompense.
  2. Liberapay is an open project structured around a non-profit organization, which sets it apart from commercial platforms like Patreon and Tipeee.
  3. Unlike other non-profit platforms, Liberapay is neutral. You can create an account without having to wait for us to approve it, and we won't kick you out unless you break the law or the terms of service.

If you'd like more details, the folks have compiled a big list of crowdfunding platforms and the differences between them.

Does Liberapay respect financial regulations?
Yes. Liberapay is based in France and complies with the European Union's financial regulations. Our payment processors are all properly licensed, and they help us block fraud, money laundering, and terrorism financing.
What are the payment processing fees?
Adding money to Liberapay via credit/debit card incurs a fee of 2.106% + €0.21. Adding money to Liberapay via bank wire incurs a fee of 0.585% from our payment processor.
Withdrawing money to a SEPA bank account is free, transfers to other countries cost €2.92 per transfer. Additional fee from your bank may apply.
Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can give or receive?
There are no restrictions on the total amount you can give or receive, but for legal reasons you will need to provide identity documents if you give more than €2,500.00, or receive more than €1,000.00, per year.
The minimum you can give any user is €0.01. To minimize processing fees, we charge your credit card at least €15.00 at a time (the money is stored in your Liberapay wallet and transferred to others during Payday).
The maximum you can give any one user is €100.00 per week. This helps to stabilize income by reducing how dependent it is on a few large patrons.
Do I have to pay taxes on the income I receive from Liberapay?
We don't know, it's up to you to figure out your country's tax rules.
Are donations through Liberapay tax-deductible?
Probably not, but it depends on the tax rules of your country.
Why did my income decrease?
If your income decreased, one of the following happened:
  1. A donor to you intentionally decreased or zeroed their donation to you, or their account was closed.
  2. A donor to you had insufficient funds in their Liberapay wallet to fund their donation to you.