We currently support processing payments through Stripe and PayPal.

Here is a list of differences between them:

  • The payment processing fees are usually lower with Stripe than with PayPal.
  • Stripe allows renewing donations automatically, whereas PayPal currently requires donors to confirm every payment.
  • Donations through Stripe can be secret, whereas PayPal always allows donors and recipients to see each other's names and email addresses.
  • Stripe allows donating to multiple creators at once in some cases, whereas PayPal always requires separate payments.
  • PayPal payments require redirecting the donor to PayPal's website, whereas Stripe is integrated into Liberapay.
  • Stripe makes SEPA Direct Debits easy for European donors.
  • Stripe allows creators to configure automatic payouts to their bank accounts.
  • PayPal only supports 22 of the 32 currencies supported by Liberapay and Stripe.
  • PayPal is available to creators in more than 100 countries, whereas Stripe only supports 42 countries in a suitable way.

You can find more information on supported countries and currencies in the “Global” page.