A Liberapay team coordinates donations from multiple donors to multiple donees. Donors choose how much they want to give, donees decide how to share the money, Liberapay computes and executes the transfers from donors to donees.

Teams are for peer-to-peer donations, they can't be used by a legal entity to distribute donations to its members.

Creating a team

You need to sign into your own account first.

Becoming a team member

Once you have contributed to a team's project, ask its members to invite you. Don't forget to tell them what your username is.

Sharing the money

Teams don't have a hierarchy, all their members are equal and set their own take.

You can change your takes from your teams dashboard. It contains tables that show the nominal takes of all members for the next and previous payday, as well as an estimate of the actual amounts of money they'll receive in the next payday.

The nominal takes are the raw numbers that the members input themselves, the actual takes are computed by the system: first it sums up the nominal takes, then it computes the percentage that each take represents, and finally it applies those percentages to the available income. Nominal takes also act as maximums: the actual takes are never higher than the nominal ones, even if additional income is available.

Regulation of take amounts

Nominal takes are throttled, they can't be raised higher than a maximum computed based on the nominal takes at the time of the previous payday. This regulation is meant to reduce the risk of abuse by ill-intentioned team members.

The exact limit is the maximum of these four values: the number 1, two times the member's take in the previous payday, the member's take in the previous payday + a proportional share of any unused income, the median take in the previous payday.

Removing team membership

You can leave a team from your teams dashboard.

Kicking a member out of a team is not implemented yet. Please contact support with evidence that the member needs to be kicked out and that there is consensus on that among the other members.