This page contains links to and information about the Liberapay logo. We hope you'll find it especially useful if you're writing an article about Liberapay or if you want to add custom links to your Liberapay profile in your website.


The Liberapay logo is composed of the two letters “lp”. It's usually colored black-on-yellow or just black. We used a white-on-yellow variant in the past, but it's now phased out as its contrast was deemed too low.

The Liberapay yellow is #f6c915, the black is #1a171b.

Legal information

The Liberapay logo is pretty much free of copyright thanks to the CC0 Public Domain Dedication, so you are allowed to distribute it and modify it without asking our permission. However, the Liberapay logo is part of the Liberapay trademark, so you can't use it to represent your own products.


You can view and download our logos below or on GitHub.