Discovering black composers on classical music from 18th century to today

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What is Afroclassical?

AfroClassical is a Classical Music show created by Aitua in order to pay homage to Black classical composers in History. This Concert / Conference / Show is settled to discover great Black musicians from the 18th to the 21st century, such as Le Chevalier de Saint-George, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor or Florence Price. Written originaly for chamber music and orchestras, Aitua arranged these musics for guitar.

Why Librapay?

The lives and music of these composers are not always easily accessible from a research point of view, and require time and economic resources. Many scores have disappeared, and for many black composers, it is no longer possible to hear or play their music. There are many reasons for this, one of which is copyright as it was created. That's why, for all original works in the public domain, Afroclassical is determined to make its scores available under a free license in the future. The greater the number of contributors, the sooner the scores can be made accessible to all.

What's more, Afroclassical wishes to make itself accessible to different audiences subject to the thesis of racial and gender determinism. In other words, those who cannot afford to pay for a concert, or benefit from public subsidies. These are the two main benefits we're aiming for: a score that's accessible to all, and a show that's accessible to all.

Thanks to your help, the stories of African descent composers will be know by those who need the most in France and other countries.

For more informations : https://aituamusic.com/en/afroclassical


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