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The main purpose of Akira is to offer a fast and intuitive tool to create user interfaces, similar to Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD, with a completely native experience for Linux.

How is this different from Inkscape, Glade, or QML Editor?

It is drastically different in every aspect, from its purpose, to the different usability approach we're building. While tools like Glade or Qt Creator are used to generate code and create working user interfaces that use specific toolkits like Gtk or Qt, Akira is a more general tool to design those interfaces before they're implemented, it's used for creating mock-ups, visualizations and vector graphics.

Inkscape is a great vector graphics tool, but it's not fast when it comes to dealing with complex files and the user interface isn't ideal. Using Figma or Sketch, shows an overall different approach to the creative workflow, those tools are more intuitive and natural to use compared to Inkscape.

That's what Akira is striving for.

Who's working on this project?

Alessandro Castellani - Creator


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Native Linux App for UI and UX Design built in Vala and GTK

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