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lime-packages 64 Updated this week

LEDE/OpenWrt Packages composing LibreMesh meta-firmware for wireless mesh networking

lime-app 11 Updated this week

Simple, lightweight and scalable PWA for diagnosis of Libremesh nodes

lime-sdk 25 Updated 1 week ago

LibreMesh software development kit

pitbull 10 Updated 2 weeks ago

Captive portal that will allow the communities to manage access to their Internet Gateways as they want.

lime-web 8 Updated 2 months ago

LibreMesh web site using Jekyll

FirstBootWizard 4 Updated 3 months ago

LibreMesh First Boot Wizard

spectrum-analyzer-packages 5 Updated 10 months ago

This repository will contain all OpenWRT/LEDE Packages related with the Spectrum Analyzer functionality.

libremap 5 Updated 5 years ago

LibreMap moved to


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