A python web framework and related libraries

Aspen's goal is to receive €25.00 per week.


Aspen is a Python web framework built on simplates and filesystem routing. It powers Liberapay, the website you're on right now.

We're currently working on cleaning up Aspen, but it's a lot of work, so it'll happen faster if we receive a little money to fund it.


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Repositories 10 Updated 5 months ago

A filesystem dispatch library for Python web frameworks 6 Updated 5 months ago

Model an algorithm as a list of functions operating on a shared state dict. 145 Updated 5 months ago

Filesystem dispatch + Simplates + Python = a nice web framework. 2 Updated 5 months ago

a library for implementing dependency injection 2 Updated 2 years ago

Repo to collect plugins for Aspen


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