I sometimes do things and every so often people don't hate them.

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4chan-dl 0 Updated 1 month ago

4chan image downloader with thread watcher written in bash.

happypanda 0 Updated 2 years ago

Script to download galleries from sad panda

dns_update 0 Updated 3 years ago

Updates all A and AAAA records on cloudflare to the current IP.

genitools 0 Updated 3 years ago

Set of scripts to screenshot, upload, paste, and shorten URLs using Teknik services.

batshit 0 Updated 4 years ago

Template Script that runs in both BASH and BATCH

DeltaE 1 Updated 4 years ago

Program to find the colour difference (Delta E) in CIE 2000.

cmdfetch 0 Updated 4 years ago

System information in terminal for Windows

tflip 1 Updated 4 years ago

Steam independent TableTop Simulator Workshop mod downloader


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