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The BCC is a space for experiments in playful autonomy, resilience, and sharing based in Tucson, AZ.

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We are home to an ever-developing set of projects and initiatives. These projects share the aim of cultivating the practical skills, strategies, and creative thinking necessary for not only surviving the ongoing crises, but re-imagining and asserting what it means to live dignified lives within them. We host events, workshops, skillshares, and meeting space, as well as long term projects. We strive for a space where anyone can build their own life and vision, through their own capacities and self determination. Ultimately, the space is for people to find each other and get organized in the face of an uncertain future.

There are several semi-autonomous projects housed at the BCC including the BCC Library, the Perilous Chronicle, the Jewish Zine Archive, Word of Mouth Print Space, Church of Safe Injection Tucson, and Tucson Mesh Network.


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