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Basspistol is an endlessly evolving union for the Underground Artists of the third millenium

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Who, What, How?

The Outernational Creator Syndicate.

Established in 2010 as a pro-active reaction to everything that is broken in the music-industry. Basspistol is an endlessly evolving union for the Underground Creators of the third millennium carrying the values of the Creative Commons. We believe in Creativity. The underground is dead, Long Live the Underground!

Together we are stronger.

Combine your will-power with others' to take back the control of your expression. Creators should own their means of outreach. Your people loves You because You are You, keep it that way! Foster a contagious precedent and inspire other Creators to be the change they want to see.

We help you help yourself.

We provide the tools, the services and the brain-trust to enable true independence for the rare creators brave enough to stand up against the big-tech narrative. We are the invisible air under your wings, the maintainer of the Underground, your guide down into the decentralized rabbit-hole.


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