Joel Yliluoma creates programming and tech videos on YouTube.

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Joel Yliluoma is an author who publishes videos in YouTube under the name “Bisqwit”, ranging diverse topics from programming to gaming and from cats to religion. He has been programming since 1992, and for most years since then, it has been his primary, sometimes only hobby. Though most of his professional life has been spent developing business web applications, he prefers working with low level code targeting older systems. In 2014―2015 he was also a coach driver working for Savonlinja in Finland. He is also known for founding, a website and community centered around making “tool-assisted” speedruns of classic video games.

He also maintains the Finnish translation for the Liberapay service.

Making YouTube videos requires money. Money is used for things like video equipment, gadgets, computers, hard drives, and of course for boring things like “paying the rent”. By supporting me you allow me to spend more time in creating new videos and in better quality. Thank you in advance!

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compiler_series    31   Updated 2 months ago

Material for the Creating a Compiler video lesson series.

cpp_parallelization_examples    78   Updated 8 months ago

The study & production material for

tinyprintf    19   Updated 10 months ago

printf replacement for embedded programming

password_codecs    43   Updated 10 months ago

Collection of password encoders and decoders created with the video series at:

animmerger    4   Updated 1 year ago

Animation merging, quantizing and dithering swiss army knife

adlmidi    11   Updated 1 year ago

ADLMIDI is a MIDI player that uses OPL3 emulation.

TinyDeflate    85   Updated 1 year ago

A deflate/gzip decompressor that requires minimal amount of memory to work




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