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Who we are?

We are a bunch of people who want to bring realtime chatting on new level using only open-source standards and open technologies.

What we doing?

We are writing XMPP client and server software in Golang to ensure that it will be able to run on many platforms, like Windows, Linux, *BSD, Unices and even Android and iOS.

Cadmium Server.

Cadmium Server is a XMPP server written in Golang. It will (or already) support all production XEPs, many experimental and maybe some drafts. Goal of this project - user-friendly server software that can be started by anyone.

Cadmium Messenger.

Cadmium Messenger (or Cadmium IM) is an instant messenger client which eventually should support multiple protocols at one. Goal of this project - productivity and (of course) eye-candy look-a-like on every platform.

Cadmium XMPP library.

Cadmium XMPP library is a base for Cadmium IM and Cadmium server. It should support as much XEPs as possible to ensure rich user experience.

Why we need this page?

As we're doing open-source development, we're strongly believe that world can be made a better place with out software. But some costs arises - internet connection, development servers, etc. We need some help from you, visitor, to keep our infrastructure running.


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