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I am a creator of music with new and unique sounds! My sounds are composed from elements of music from India, Ghana, Europe, Indonesia, and more! To create this wildly beautiful and stimulating music requires thousands of unpaid hours of work in my practice studio while I deeply study the musical traditions of the instruments of these cultures. It requires thousands of more hours to compose and allow these ideas to mix together in brand new ways. It requires thousands of more hours to learn to perform and record the franken-music that I have created, and even a few more hours to sculpt the final product on computer software. But the process is 95% of the journey. I love the process and I love the performance. Your donation will allow me to continue to go deeply into this process so that the best possible performances can be had.

Thank you!

My music can be found @:





I also give world percussion lessons for many of the instruments you hear in my recordings and performances: www.colbybeers.com


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