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Cosine Gaming makes free indie games.

All about donation as well as alternative options such as bitcoin.

All of my games are free software. This is not because they cost nothing (though they do cost nothing!), it is because you have the freedom to play, modify, and distribute them as you please. This is unfortunately exceedingly rare in the video game industry, even for silly web games.

You can email me at <> or ask me a question on the questions page.

I'm Cosine and I do almost everything you see on this website, from the games to the site itself. This means I:

  • Pay for:
    • Server time
    • Game file hosting
    • Domain
      • SSL Certificate
    • Design and maintain the website
    • Design and develop games
    • Do art and music for games
    • And everything else that comes up

I try to catalog the help I've had here for fairness:

  • The discontinued Quote site was populated by QuoteMaster
  • Most of my games have been (casually) play tested by my kind friends.
  • These(1) three(2) posts(3) on the blog were written by my friends.

Money that is donated will be used to support me personally, and will not necessarily be be used to support Cosine Gaming, though it will always go first towards server time and development tools.

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