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auth-password-store 44 Updated 3 weeks ago

Integrate Emacs' auth-source with password-store

mpdel 3 Updated 4 months ago

[MOVED] MPD client for Emacs lisp

klassified.el 3 Updated 5 months ago

Ease development of klassified-based projects

hierarchy 85 Updated 6 months ago

Emacs library to create, query, navigate and display hierarchy structures

json-navigator 32 Updated 6 months ago

View and navigate JSON structures

unify-opening 4 Updated 7 months ago

Emacs package to make everything use the same mechanism to open files

beginend 57 Updated 9 months ago

Emacs package to redefine M-< and M-> for some modes

shell-switcher 29 Updated 2 years ago

An emacs minor mode to easily switch between shell buffers (like with alt+tab)



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