Alex Thomassen (Decicus)

Working on projects such as DecAPI & Cactus.tools

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Working on projects such as DecAPI (open source) & Cactus.tools

I'm a 24-year-old developer from Norway, and I have developed a good chunk of tools used by both Twitch streamers and chat moderators.


One of my projects is called DecAPI, an open source platform that hosts custom APIs and their primary usage is to extend the functionality of chat bots on Twitch. DecAPI is open-source and available on GitHub for anyone to use and host themselves if they want to, but there's also a hosted version under decapi.me that I currently manage and pay for out-of-pocket for those that are unable to. There's also some documentation for DecAPI, which primarily targets the more advanced users of the service.


I've also hosted my "tools" website under cactus.tools for the past year or so, which is currently hosting the following pages:

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DecAPI Stars 109 Updated this week

API provider/proxy that provides plaintext responses - Documentation: https://docs.decapi.me/

DecAPI-Docs Stars 11 Updated 3 months ago

Documentation for DecAPI - https://decapi.me/

twitch-log-bot Stars 13 Updated 1 year ago

Logs Twitch chats to Google Cloud Datastore


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