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I mostly work on Nheko in my free time. Since I am trying to graduate from university and working on the side to finance my studies, I sadly can't spend as much time on it, as I'd like to. I don't really need donations and I won't be prioritizing work on Nheko, just because I get a bit of money (since my studies still have priority and I don't think donations can replace my job), but if you want to show your appreciation and let me buy some snacks, you can send me some money here. I also sometimes buy Nheko related stuff, like an ARM CI board, PC components or pay for personal server maintenance fees.

Every donation is very much appreciated, but otherwise you can also just shoot me a message on matrix in #nheko-reborn:neko.dev or message me directly @deepbluev7:neko.dev. <3




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nheko (fork) 0 Updated 1 year ago

Fork of nheko Matrix Client

mtxclient (fork) 2 Updated 3 years ago

Client API library for Matrix, built on top of Boost.Asio


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