Jérôme Tanghe

Developer and amateur astronomer

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Hi there 👋

I'm a backend developer at Les-Tilleuls.coop and an amateur astronomer.

On my free time, I create and maintain:

  • Kosmorro, an astronomy software that helps you to prepare your observation nights
  • f2ap, a server application that connects any website to the Fediverse thanks to its RSS/Atom feed
  • Twason, a Twitch chatbot that you configure with a JSON file
  • checksitemap, a simple program to validate a website sitemap
  • Aurornis, a Python library to help testing command line software

I also contribute to the following projects on a more or less regular basis:

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f2ap Stars 23 Updated 2 weeks ago

Connect your website to ActivityPub using your RSS/Atom feed.

checksitemap Stars 0 Updated 4 months ago

A tool to validate your sitemaps

Aurornis Stars 1 Updated 5 months ago

The Command Line Program Test Helper

twason Stars 2 Updated 2 years ago

The KISS Twitch bot

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