Jérôme Deuchnord

Deuchnord's goal is to receive €20.00 per week.


I am Jérôme, a developer and an amateur astronomer. I am the author of Kosmorro, an astronomy calculation software that is distributed under the GNU AGPL license.

Why do I need money?

Currently, Kosmorro is:

In the future, it will also be a graphical interface and a lot of other projects, plus lives on Twitch, where I provide coding. These lives are most likely to become more and more frequent in the future.

So you got it, Kosmorro is a more and more time-consuming project, and although I'm working in a company who actively supports Free software, I cannot work on it during my work time. This is why I'm opening this donation space.

What will I do with the donations?

With the donated money, I will be able to get unpaid live from my employer to work more actively on Kosmorro's development without loosing income.

How much do I need?

Based on my calculations, if I received €20/week, it would enable me to work an entire day per month on the project.

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