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Hey, I'm Dryusdan, a French student in network and a web developper. I am 22 years old :) I love decentralization, neutrality and democracy. So, to help people, to make internet better, I'm hosting a lot of services, such as :
- A Mastodon instance (https://miaou.drycat.fr) : a decentralized Twitter with lots of love <3
- A Lutim instance (https://img.drycat.fr) : to upload and share encrypted images on my server
- A Privatebin instance (https://paste.drycat.fr) : a pastebin encrypted on server
- A standardfile server (https://standardfile.drycat.fr) : to keep your memos with you everywhere you go - A standardnotes web interface (https://standardnotes.drycat.fr)
- A gitea server

Actually, the VPS costs 10,68€ per month in Hetzner datacenter

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