I need money for hard drives about my web servers :)

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Hi. Welcome to my LiberaPay page!

My name is Evgeni Toshev Ivanov from Bulgaria. If you like my content in www.ETI.pw, please donate. Be my sponsor and Your Name, other your details will be shown here and around my websites. I am programmer - freelancer and I need some money for hard drives about my web servers. I create free applications for the people and give to them free webhosting. For the people is free, but this cost some money for me :) and i don't work in any Firm now. I work in the summer like beach Lifeguard, and in other time I just programming for free :) I am creator of Watch brand: «Тракиец» watches and I need some help to do all stuff about this project - www.trakietzwatches.tk Тракиец (Trakietz) mean Thracian.

Well this is in short :)

Thank you for your support! I appreciate it.


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