Why do I need help, and how can you help?

Elaizz's goal is to receive $2,500.00 per week.


If I will be lucky enough to reach 4000$ per month, I will be able to make music my full-time job and create so many music for you guys, new comics and of course, exclusive music content for my patrons here, some special songs and projects, which will be not yet posted anywhere else but on my Patreon page at first, I will share with you here all of my special content, which will be updated each month. So you will obviously see how much I needed your support till now.


I dream of filming my own music videos, but it is still a dream. Without music videos my music is incomplete.

I don't have a team and a proper equipment, I don't have money for the proper software and props.

Example: I have my very special song unreleased, "Coming on". I also have another cool songs

It needs a good quality music video.

So your support is VERY IMPORTANT.

Let's do it together!

All donations I will use for purchase of new equipment And for regular updates

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