I make things to make my job easier. Sometimes I share them.

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I'm a for-profit residential and small business IT person. Quite often when looking for a tool for a job I come up disappointed with my options, whether they be commercial of FOSS. When that happens, I make my own tool. Whenever possible I release these under a free license.

Examples of tools I'm currently working on:

  • A PSA software suite for managing customers, ticketing, inventory, billing, mileage, and every other aspect of my business in a single offline-capable web app based on Django.
  • A platform for digital signage aimed at people with basic web design skills. This is a particularly ugly area of the software market as many available solutions are so simplistic as to just be glorified image and video slideshows with enterprise-level licensing fees.
  • A thermoelectric hard drive cooler to actively cool hard drives that overheat due to mechanical problems so they can be imaged while reducing the risk of additional damage.

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