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Since 2020, I've been trying to help people use the Fediverse, and encourage the Fedi to grow, through three accounts and five websites:

  • FediFollows - Posting recommended handpicked accounts to follow every day, and these accounts automatically become part of a directory organised by category.

  • FediTips - Posting hints and tips about using Mastodon and the rest of the Fediverse, as well as responding to requests for help.

  • FediVideo - Boosting videos and livestreams from the Fediverse every day

  • Fedi.Tips - Website containing all the tips posted on the FediTips account, organised by category

  • Fedi.Directory - Website listing the accounts recommended on the FediFollows account, organised by category

  • Fedi.Video - PeerTube server federated with accounts boosted by the FediVideo account on Mastodon, also occasionally local uploads of Creative Commons or Public Domain videos.

  • Grow Your Own Services - Website helping non-technical people to host their own online services through managed hosting providers. The site covers making your own social networks and making your own personal cloud services, and assumes no technical knowledge.

  • Fedi.Garden - Website listing responsibly run small and medium servers open for new members

I also have a quieter personal account called FediThing, which is what I named this profile after.

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