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The Fediseer attempts to provide a human-managed chain of trust for fediverse instances. It's main drive is to avoid spam, but it provides a lot of functionality to help instance admins fight against bigotry and abuse.

The following are the available software in the Fediseer ecosystem

  • Fediseer: The main REST API on which the whole service relies.
  • Fediseer-GUI: The official user interface for the Fediseer.
  • Pythonseer: Python-Fediseer SDK


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fediseer Stars 48 Updated 2 months ago

Something something stop bad instances

pythonseer Stars 5 Updated 2 months ago

A Python package to interact with Fediseer

FediseerGUI Stars 12 Updated 3 months ago

GUI for fediseer.com


Fediseer joined 9 months ago.

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