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Flickchart is a website started way back in 2006, and opened to the public in 2009 by two guys (Jeremy & Nathan) who loved movies, loved arguing about which movie is better, and also just so happened to be in the business of building websites. In our spare time (in other words, when we weren't at our day jobs), we crafted what became an optimized tool for film fans to form their very own ranked charts of their favorite films, a way to filter those charts in every imaginable way, a place to debate online over any two movies that you can think of, and a home on the internet to form friendships with other cinema-obsessed, like-minded list-makers.

Almost a decade later(!), we're still running strong and working on a complete overhaul of the site - from top to bottom - on an entirely new stack of tech. This is what all of the Flickcharters (the most die-hard, loyal users our site could ever ask for) have dubbed: "V2". Not only will this newer technology provide more for Flickchart, but also the long-awaited expansions into other mediums: games, television, music, and more!

How You Can Help

Your donations can help keep our servers running (and if there's enough of them, we may be able to even upgrade our servers to make the site even faster!) AND help fund our development on the next version of Flickchart. There's so much involved - from databases, to cloud services, to web hosting, to specialized tooling, to image delivery... It all takes time. Time, and money.

Whatever you can spare to help keep our lights on and contribute towards our goals of making Flickchart fun, fast, and fantastic to use is accepted with the absolute highest amount of gratitude. Just consider donating the cost of a lunch once a month, or the cost of a couple drinks at the bar, or maybe a popcorn or candy at the movies...

Any amount. Any little bit helps to add up to more that we can put right back into the site for you.

We're so excited to take Flickchart to the next level. Please help us make that a reality.

Thank you!

Jeremy & Nathan



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