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3D generalist | VFx Compositer | Computer Science | Streamer | Japan and Linux lover ^ 〰 ^

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Hey 👋

Thank You for your attention!

Let's start with things I care the most and so the reason because I decided to join Librepay:

I believe in libre/creative licenses and mainly publish my content using Libre ones like Creative Commons when I can.
A libre license is very permissive, in fact... You can do almost everything with it!
My favorite is the CC-BY, which only requires attribution, but also the CC-BY-NC (Attribution non-commercial) is one I like a lot!
A different, but very good one, is All Rights Reserved but quite libre in their terms, just like Adrian von Ziegler's, take a search!

And now why I am here telling you all of this,

I would LOVE to release every single piece of creation this way, problem is... Surviving on this bad world is quite difficult, and no longer have economical strength to keep this project up...

I have so decided to change the model in which I publish what I have... Selling liberalism! I explain it better... I will release my work in a restrictive form, but you get to buy their freedom!

But this is not all!

If you decide to become one of the kind people that support me, you are actually also helping me to:

upgrade/maintain my hardware (camera, computer, consumables); reduce distractions caused by things like bills, internet, software, servers and electricity; publish tutorial about Blender, Nuke, Natron, VFx, Linux and more to come! Accomplish things I have in my TODO lists, which are many and much more! : ]



Francesco (Yoshi) Gobbo, in art FraYoshi

is an ex-performer in acting, dance and singing, theatrical and not. Today works as film-maker, mainly post-production, 3D animations and Visual Fx Compositing. As a freelancer also works as web-developer and system-administrator. Oh.. and a barman ^^

Main projects in which he believes are:

IPFS, ZeroNet, Wikileaks, Avaaz, a world without boundaries (freedom), Creative Commons...

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