The official Librepay team of FreeCAD, the open-source 3D modeler

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The Liberapay FreeCAD team:

The official Liberapay account of FreeCAD.

Any money received by this team is split equally between its members. Please note that by donating here, your money will go to each developer individually, and not to the FreeCAD project as a whole. We will always make sure that all people listed on this page are currently, active contributors to the project, in one way or another.

This platform is only one of several ways you can donate to the FreeCAD project.

Note: Upon donating to the FreeCAD team, you might see your donation go directly to one of the team members instead. That is how the Liberapay platform works, and is due to the limitations of payment processors. The platform automatically distributes donations among the different members when it is unable to split. All members end up receiving an equal amount.


FreeCAD is a large project with many contributors working on code, graphics, documentation, packaging, and support. Most contributors are volunteers who donate their time and talent to work on something that interests them. The project would not exist without them.

Some contributors, however, are working to make FreeCAD a substantial part of their career. They dedicate many hours per week toward improving FreeCAD and contribute both tactically and strategically to its future.

The Liberapay account supports contributors who are work on FreeCAD in a professional capacity and not already compensated by their employer.

Each of the team members listed below meet the following criteria:

  • An established history of contribution to FreeCAD in non-trivial ways.

  • Focused on a narrow and unique area of contribution to FreeCAD. Please read their individual pages to understand their areas.

  • Currently Contributing to the main FreeCAD community and code base. If a member stops contributing, they will be asked to leave the team.

  • Working to make FreeCAD and Open-Source Software a significant part of their career.

  • Committed to spending a significant fraction of each work week on FreeCAD related work.

Membership in the team is by invitation. If you meet these criteria and would like to join the team please contact any one of the team members


Q: I work on XYZ add-on workbench, can I join the team? A: Maybe. Add-on workbenches are a very important part of the FreeCAD eco-system. Some workbenches provide widely used and necessary functionality. Others are niche focused. These niche workbenches are best supported by donating directly to the developers Liberapay or Patreon accounts. If you believe your workbench has broad appeal and you meet the other criteria, please contact us for consideration.

Q: I contributed to FreeCAD in the past. Can I join? A: No. The liberapay team is to established to compensate contributors for current and ongoing work.

Q: I'm an experienced developer and I will contribute to FreeCAD if I can join. A: Trust can only be built over time. Part of being accepted to the liberapay team is an established history of contribution.

Q: I'm not a developer but like to contribute in other ways. Can I join? A: If you meet the other criteria, absolutely!

Q: How much does someone have to contribute to be included in the team? A: This is almost impossible to quantify. For example, a developer may spend many hours researching a problem to make even a small code change. Professionalism, trust, and dependability matter more than the size of the contribution.

Q: Who manages the developers on this team? A: Team members are self-managing professionals. If their situation changes so that they cannot continue in their role, they are expected and trusted to step down.

Q: One of the team members works on XXX. I also work on XXX. Can I join? A: Maybe. We would prefer to have a broad range of interest represented in the team rather than many developers in one or two interest areas. If you meet the other criteria please apply for consideration.


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