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This team is developing multiple applications to interact with the GNUnet Messenger service, bringing it closer to general users as decentralized and secure alternative for messaging. Part of this effort is the Messenger-GTK application bringing the GNUnet Messenger to your GNU+Linux desktop computers or phones via convergent application design.

Overview of the application

The messenger does not need any centralized form of registration or login while all messages are end-to-end encrypted. You can just start the application and open a chat to single individuals or groups. The application supports encrypted file-transfer via messages, voice-messages, time-based deletion of messages, previews of images and more. Contacts can be exchanged physically via scanning QR-codes for secure identity verification.

Terminal application

Additionally to the graphical application to use the GNUnet Messenger there's an alternative effort with messenger-cli to bridge the gap for users preferring terminal applications. It aims to provide feature parity with the graphical client as far as possible but with a much more minimal design. Everything can be navigated via keyboard and the application is designed to fit into many different terminal resolutions for desktops using tiling window management.


If you want to try out the current state of GNUnet Messenger, it is available as flatpak and snap package for easiest installation. The users who prefer native packaging or installation should stick to compilation from source (using the latest release is recommended for compatibility).


Also if you like to contribute, write your own client or adjust the interface of the GNUnet Messenger, that's totally possible. The software stack is fully open to everyone published under AGPL3+ license. So feel free to contact the GNUnet developers mailing list which can be found here.


Feel free to donate to our team working on this project or support the GNUnet project directly to improve the back-end behind these applications and other applications. GNUnet provides a wide range of services and it's definitely worth a look for development of decentralized applications.

More details about other applications using GNUnet can be read on the official website.


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