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I'm the creator and maintainer of Serenata (previously PHP Integrator), a gratis, libre and open source server that analyzes PHP code bases and provides code assistance to clients, such as autocompletion, linting, tooltips and more. I also maintain the package that integrates it with the Atom editor.

Serenata already sports a few advanced features, such as PhpStorm meta file support and refactoring functionalties and provides a suitable solution for users looking for a free, gratis as well as libre, competitor to existing alternatives. I believe it can become the de facto free and competitive language server for PHP with the support of the community.

At the time of writing I'm the sole maintainer of this large project and work exclusively in my spare time to achieve this goal, so any donation is viewed as an appreciation of my work and a motivator to continue my efforts.

If you decide to become a sponsor: thank you!

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